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professor ir. Charles J. Hoogendoorn (1930-2012)

On January 17, 2012 professor Charles J. Hoogendoorn deceased. The heat transfer community loses a distinguished scientist, a devoted teacher, an outstanding manager, an inspiring leader, a wise mentor and a warm person.

After a career at Royal Dutch Shell, Charles Hoogendoorn started his academic career in 1970 at Delft University of Technology, where he held the Heat Transfer chair at the faculty of Applied Physics for 25 years. He guided more than 200 MSc students and 34 PhD students to their degrees. Six of his students reached university positions as full professors. Hoogendoorn was dean of the faculty of Applied Physics and the founder of the JM Burgers Centre for Fluid Mechanics.

The research of Hoogendoorn has been driven by applications in solar energy, combustion technology and building physics. Hoogendoorn started large research programs in the areas of natural convection in glass houses and in buildings, turbulent combustion of natural gas, for example in glass furnaces, thermal insulating materials and thermal solar collectors. At the end of the 70’s he realized that CFD and laser diagnostics would have a bright future and he introduced these research tools at an early stage. He cooperated in projects with research institutes like TNO, and industries like Philips and Hoogovens (Corus), resulting in a large number of students finding employment there.

One of the strongest qualities of Hoogendoorn was his strategic thinking. He was a master in recognizing changes in the environment of the university and anticipated very well to external developments. Not only his own research group, but the whole Dutch community in fluid mechanics and heat transfer benefited from this. He initiated at the end of the 80’s one of the first Dutch research schools: the JM Burgers Centre. Till today this is probably the most successful research school in the Netherlands in which 30 research groups cooperate with a total number of 250 PhD’s.

Professor Hoogendoorn has been an active and distinguished member of the international heat transfer community. His contributions to the Assembly of International Heat Transfer Conferences, the International Centre of Heat and Mass Transfer and Eurotherm have always been very valuable. He was co-founder of Eurotherm and over the years 1990-1993 President of Eurotherm and chairman of the executive committee of the ICHMT. In these positions he showed to be pragmatic, efficient, to the point and always very strong in his argumentation.

For his contributions to Dutch science and technology Hoogendoorn received in 1994 a Dutch Royal distinction.

Professor Hoogendoorn was, for Dutch standards, an old fashioned professor: he maintained a large distance between himself and his staff members and students. Yet he was very concerned about his people and felt very responsible for his co-workers. For these reasons he was very highly respected. He was a warm and devoted person, standing for his people and his research field. He showed to be a very good coach in the careers of many of his old staff members and students.

Professor Hoogendoorn was the widow man of Louise Elisabeth Galjart, father of 2 daughters and grandfather of 5 grandchildren.

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