International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer

Minutes of the first meeting in Yugoslavia (1968)

Of constitutive meeting of the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer held September 16, 1968 in Herceg Novi, Yugoslavia.



  1. Chairman of the Organization Committee of International Summer School on Heat and Mass transfer proposes chairman of the meeting.
  2. Chairman of the meeting exposes objectives of the meeting and introduces present persons.
  3. Chairman of the Organization Committee of International Summer School presents report on the School.
  4. Chairman of the meeting presents proposals for further development of the School and opens discussion on the proposals.
  5. Exchange of opinions on topics for the next seminar

Other matters

Ad.1. The meeting was opened by N. Afgan, Chairman of the Organization Committee of International Summer School, who proposed prof. D. Veličković, member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts for the Chairman of the meeting. The proposal was unanimously supported.

Ad.2. Prof. Veličković expressed thanks for his election and introduced present at the meeting, stressing position in which they attend:

N. Afgan, Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Boris Kidrič" Vinča, Chairman of the Organization Committee of the Summer School,

P. Anastasijević, Secretary General of the Yugoslav Society of Heat Engineers, Beograd.

E.A. Brun, University of Paris, invited,

A. Fortier, Faculty of Natural Sciences in Paris, invited,

E. Hahne, Technical High School, Munich, representing Prof. U. Grigull,

J.P. Hartnett, University of Illinois, Chicago, invited,

S.S. Kutateladze, Institute of Thermophysics, Novosibirsk, invited,

D. Malić, University of Beograd, Chairman of the of the Yugoslav Society of Heat Engineers,

W. E. Nicoll, University of Waterloo, Canada,

G. N. Pustyntsev, Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer, Minsk, representing Academician prof. A. K. Luikov,

M. Ristić, representative of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna,

W.R. Rohsenow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Cambridge,

D.B. Spalding, Imperial College, London, invited,

M.A. Stirikovič, Institute of High Temperatures, Moscow, invited,

D. Veličković, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Beograd, invited,

K. Voronjec, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Beograd, invited,

Z. Zarić, Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Boris Kidrič" Vinča, Secretary of the Organization Committee of the Summer School, Beograd,

N. Zuber, University of New York, USA, invited,

After this, the Chairman exposed objective of the meeting:

- To discuss future activities of the School,

- To elect members of the Scientific Council,

- To discuss topic of the next seminar.

Ad.3. N. Afgan reported on participation in this School and the income. 115 participants from 11 countries attended the School:


 No. of

No. of
















German Federal Rep.





















General Total


 School income:

  Conference fee

  Din. 81.250

  Federal Commission for Nuclear Energy


  International Atomic Energy Agency



  Din. 226.250

Ad.4. As all present had copies of the text: ”Proposals for future development”,
the Chairman asked participants to discuss separately each of proposals.

When discussion was completed, the following decisions were taken:

1.1. The international activity started as a Summer School on Heat and Mass Transfer should be continued. The activity should be somewhat broadened, to cover other modes of international cooperation in the field of heat and mass transfer; duplication of activities of other existing organizations (like activities of international conferences and journals) should be avoided.
1.2. In this sense the name of organization should be changed from "international summer schools" to "International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer" in English, "Centre International d' Etudes sur le Transfert de Chaleur et de Mase" in French, Meždunarodni center po teplo i massoobmenu" in Russian, and ”Medjunarodni centar za prenos toplote i mase" in Serbo-Croatian.
1.3. Objective of the Centre should be to promote international cooperation in research of heat and mass transfer and application:

1.3.1. By holding international seminars on selected special topics;
1.3.2. By international participation advancing research activities;
1.3.3. By other appropriate means (e.g. organizing exchange of information, lecturers, researchers etc.)


1.4. Organizational structure:
The Centre should have:

1.4.1. Scientific Council composed of eminent scientists from many countries.
1.4.2. Organization Committee
Members of Scientific Council acting through President of the Council shall give guidance and advise to the Organization Committee.

Organization Committee, acting through its Chairman, shall initiate and control different activities of the Centre, in order to realize objectives of the Centre.

1.5. The membership in Scientific Council and Organization Committee

1.5.1 After certain initial period, President of Scientific Council shall in cooperation with Chairman of Organization Committee prepare rules for regular electing members of Scientific Council and Organization Committee, and expiration of membership terms.  In order to establish the Centre, the following individuals were elected to the Scientific Council:
Prof. E.A. Brun, Paris
Vice- Presidents : Prof. E.R.D. Eckert, Minneapolis
Prof. M.A. Stirikovič, Mocow
Prof. D. Veličković, Beograd
Prof. Z. Zarić Committee shall consist of not more than eight individuals, each of them will serve on the Committee in his personal capacity. In the Organization Committee were elected:
Prof. N. Afgan, Beograd
Vice-President :
Prof. D.B. Spalding, London
Prof. Z. Zarić, Beograd

1.5.2. President of Scientific Council in consultation with Vice-Chairmen shall additionally invite individuals to work as members of the Scientific Council, with primary objective to achieve wide international representation.

1.5.3. Chairman of Organization Committee in consultation with Vice-Chairman shall additionally invite individuals to work as members of the Organization Committee, their ability to participate in organization work being primary reference.

Ad.5. As several topics were proposed for the next seminar, it was decided that the Scientific Council of the Centre composed of members present at this School should convene at separate meeting to look into this topic.

Ad.6. Present at the meeting have discussed the problem of printing proceedings of 1968 Summer School. It was decided that:

The proceedings shall be printed in English language as soon as possible, not later than July 1969.

1.2. In this sense, lectures and papers presented in other languages will be translated to English by their authors and delivered before end of December 1968 to the Publisher

1.3. The Organization Committee will handle other details related to the Proceedings.


Prof. D. Veličković
(Signed in Cyrilic)