William Begell Medal

William Begell Medal is bestowed upon an internationally-recognized, highly-accomplished researcher and leader in fundamentals or applications of thermal sciences and engineering based on the lifetime achievements.  

The Awardee will receive a silver cast Begell Medal, a certificate, and a cash check of $5,000 (USD) plus $5,000 (lump sum) against travel costs, including airfare, hotel accommodation, conference registration, visa fee, health and any other insurance as The William Begell Medal Award consists of a silver cast medal, a certificate, and a cash check of $5,000 (USD) plus $5,000 reimbursable against travel costs to attend the conference.

One Medal will be awarded every four years, which will tentatively coincide with the IHTC Conferences. The Medal will not be awarded in the years if the Begell House management board so decides.

Conditions of Eligibility

  • The recipient at the time of selection shall be a living person who is able and willing to be present to receive the Begell Medal at the time and place designated by the Medal
  • Once selected by the Begell Medal Council, the medalist shall provide to the Council Chair no later than five days following the announcement of selection; Biography, CV, picture for the websites, and any other information that is deemed necessary by the Council.
  • The prospective recipient will agree to present a Begell Medal Lecture on a topic of her/his choice at the Conference where she/he will be awarded the medal.
  • The prospective recipient shall also provide an abstract of her/his presentation at the Conference to be included in the announcement of the program in which the Medal will be bestowed.
  • The date, time, and session within the conference in which the Medal will be presented shall be determined by the Conference Chair. However, this must be a major event of the Conference.
  • The formal award of the Begell Medal shall be made by the BH President, or his/her designee, at such time and place as the Begell Medal Council may designate, and preferably at the IHTC conference.

Selection Process

  • The selection of the Begell Medal recipient will be made by the Begell Medal Council.
  • Nominations for the Begell Medal can be made electronically to the Chair of the Council via the BH Website created specifically for this purpose. They should be made at least one year in advance of the date of the Conference/Award venue, or according to the timeline announced by the Council Chair. ICHMT, ASTFE, EUROTHERM, and AUTSE may nominate one candidate each for the Medal while AIHTC may nominate two candidates, preferably from regions/countries that are not well represented by the other societies. There shall be a maximum of six nominations for final voting and selection.
  • The nominations shall be made by the Presidents/Heads of the respective societies and may be submitted by member(s) on the Council.
  • Each nomination package shall consist of a detailed Curriculum Vitae of the candidate, three letters of recommendation from internationally-renowned scientists or engineers in the field, a two-page summary of the candidate’s lifetime achievements, a citation paragraph, and a support letter from the President/Head of the nominating society, and any other material(s) that the Begell Medal Council may determine helpful for the review and selection process.
  • The websites of AIHTC, ICHMT, ASTFE, EUROTHERM, AUTSE, and BH as well as the IHTC will promote the Begell Medal presentation event.
  • The final conference program will recognize the Medal The conference program shall place in its records a brief biography and a photograph of the medalist; approved by the medalist, and may print them for distribution to engineering societies, libraries, other organizations, and individuals.


William Begell Medal Recipients to date

Nobuhide Kasagi

Keynote Lecture: "Control of Turbulent Transport: Less Friction and More Heat Transfer"

Jing Liu

Keynote Lecture: "Ways Toward Targeted Freezing or Heating Ablation of Malignant Tumor: Precisely Managing The Heat Delivery Inside Biological System"

Alexander A. Fedorets and Leonid A. Dombrovsky

Keynote Lecture: "Self-Assembled Stable Clusters of Droplets Over the Locally Heated Water Surface: Milestones of the Laboratory Study"

Chang-Ying Zhao

Keynote Lecture: "Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Radiation: Fundamentals and Applications"

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