Luikov Medal

The Luikov Medal is dedicated to ALEKSEY VASILIEVICH LUIKOV. It is awarded for outstanding contributions to the science and art of Heat and Mass Transfer and for activities in international scientific cooperation in conjunction with ICHMT programs. No more than one medal is awarded every two years. The award procedure is in the working rules of the Honors & Awards Committee.

Luikov Medal
1979 E.R.G. Eckert
1980 J.P. Hartnett
1982 U. Grigull
1983 D.A. De Vries
1986 D.B. Spalding, Z. Zaric
1988 Y. Mori
1990 R.J. Goldstein
1994 M. Cumo
1996 G.F. Hewitt
1998 A.E. Bergles
2002 A.I. Leontiev
2004 M. Hirata
2006 A. Bejan
2008 A. Bar-Cohen
2010 Y. Jaluria
2012 N. Kasagi
2014 S. Kakac
2016 L. A. Dombrovsky
2018 John R. Howell
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