International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer

ICHMT Meetings


See the call for pre-nominations for the Nusselt-Reynolds Prize. The next Executive Committee meeting of ICHMT will be on Saturday, June 18, 2016, in Krakow, Poland, a day before the start of the 7th European Thermal Sciences Conference. Professor Renato M. Cotta has been nominated to be the President of the National Commissariat of Nuclear Energy (CNEN) of Brazil. He will assume office on Monday, 23 November 2015. Congratulations and our best wishes to him. See the first announcement and call for papers of the symposium HMTNS-16, Heat and Mass Transfer in Nuclear Safety Applications: Severe Accident, Environment Contamination, Waste Storage to be held in Antibes - Juan les Pins, France, during 25 - 28 October, 2016. Elsevier has issued calls for nominations for Poynting Award 2016 and 2015-2016 Raymond Viskanta Awards.