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The recepients of 2016 Hartnett-Irvine award are the authors of the paper titled "Measurement of three-dimensional microstructure of frost layer by using X-ray computed tomography" presented at the 4th International Forum on Heat Transfer, IFHT 2016, Sendai, Japan. The authors are Tokuma Uechi, Ryosuke Matsumoto, and Kazuma Kagebayashi. The recepients of 2016 ICHMT Fellowship award are Professors Peter C. Stephan and Yogesh Jaluria. The recepient of 2016 Luikov Medal is Professor Leonid A. Dombrovsky. The new Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of ICHMT is Professor Hideo Yoshida. The terms of service of Professors Neima Brauner, Paolo di Marco, Patrick Le Quere and Anton Van Steenhoven in the Honors & Awards Committee wil end in 2017. The new members of the Honors & Awards Committee are Professors Pedro Coelho, Leonid A. Dombrovsky, Denis Lemonnier and Terry Simon.